Another voussoir..

I didn't want to have the voussoirs simply cleanly cut, nor could I have accomplished that anyway. The blade would cut no deeper than 3 inches, and that only when starting from a level surface, instead of the amorphous contours of my rocks, and being on a hand held saw, not very precisely. However, by making a slice through a rounded knob of rock (which I would call a "Rincon"), I could then chisel into the slice and remove good-sized chunks (of "Catalinas"--those of you in Tucson would understand), accomplshing in ten minutes what would take hours by chisel alone, especially since if you're trying to dig out stone with chisels, you end up pulverizing the stone beneath your strikes. I found also that since the hand cannot hold the blade in an absolutely fixed position, the extra tension causes expensive blades ($35-$100) to burn out as quickly as cheap blades ($10-$20); thus, for my purposes the cheapest blades were most desirable.

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