The keystone fits perfectly. Now, we can remove the scaffolding.

The weather had been iffy for Tucson, with many showers coming through and being chilly at times. This day had become absolutely glorious, clear air and toasty sunshine, enhancing my mood of relief and satisfaction at having worked hard and overcome despair and accomplished what I had come to do this trip. And then the Mexican radio station played Selena's joyful "Como la Flor." I can't remember ever feeling better than at that moment.

The arch was to remain in this place for over two months, so both to make it look good and test the structural integrity, I began to pile rocks on top of it, completely covering it with smooth white quartz-like specimens. When I had done that, I set a chair in front of it and sat down and opened a beer.

Although everyone in the family has the right to an opinion which I must consider, since Mom knew Dad best and since this would be her monument as well, her opinion outweighs anybody else's. Would she like it? Of course, she loves her children more than anything, and she would like anything I did. But would she really like it? Mom came home as I was sitting there. Because of the angle at which she came around to the back, she could not at first see the arch, just me drinking a beer. She jokingly chided me for sitting around doing nothing, then as she came around next to me she suddenly saw the arch flat in front of her. She gasped, and started crying in shocked wonderment. The best review.

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