We begin to build up the sides.

At home, I wrapped my blocks in rope to insulate the granite and the floor from each other and to provide places to grab, and carried them up 80 steps, one step at a time, dripping sweat. I picked out a suitable typeface, called Christiana Medium (H. Berthold AG), and on the computer I set the top lines ("Archpriest" and "Matushka") at 108 pt condensed 94%, the names 148 pt condensed 96%, and the dates 116 pt condensed 98%. I printed the type on cardstock and cut out the lettering with an xacto knife, then I taped the stencils on the blocks of stone. I purchased additional chisels for this finer work, 10 mm, 8 mm and 4 mm flats, a 4 mm point and a sharp pointed carbide pencil, which I used to scratch the outlines into the surface of the granite. Then I started carving the lettering.

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