All cleaned up and ready for the pilgrimage. A lot of extra bits of rock are strewn around to form a smaller rock garden, in the spirit of their source. At the right of the picture is a model of a roadrunner, which Matushka had brought from Arizona the previous Thanksgiving and which served as a marker until the present structure was completed. Roadrunners are plentiful in the Tucson area, and as Fr Stephen would work in the back yard, one roadrunner in particular used to follow him around and just "hang out" with him.

Fortunately we made great time driving across country, and when we arrived at Timothy's, after stopping at the monastery and dropping off the arch rocks, I had three whole days to put everything together. The first day I went out alone to assemble the arch itself. While putting the bases in exact position, I noticed a surprising and alarming lack of friction between the base granites and the ground slab provided by the monastery. But the arch went up more smoothly than I expected; after the initial placing of the keystone, I had to take off just one voussoir on either side and make a minor adjustment in mortar density to get a perfect fit, and once again the scaffold slid right out. That day I also set the first several stones for the outside columns.

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